The grossest things in your home you didn’t know you needed to clean

FROM the outside looking in, our home looks perfectly neat and tidy.

But if you dare to actually open any of the cupboards, that’ll all come crashing down… literally.


You’ll probably find some mould lingering in your washing machine sealCredit: Facebook
The cleaning fan blitzed it with a purse-friendly spray


The cleaning fan blitzed it with a purse-friendly sprayCredit: Facebook

And while we can always find a reason not to do chores, cleaning fans have been sharing the secret things around our homes we never knew we needed to tackle.

And it wasn’t that we’ve been putting these tasks off – rather, we just didn’t know they existed.

From baby bath toys to grotty drains, here Fabulous shares the grossest things in your house which are hiding in plain sight.

In a Spin

It’s where you go to clean your clothes – so we quite often forget that washing machines require maintenance too.

If it’s not aired out regularly, the seal in the door is a perfect breeding ground for mould.

Writing on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman said she “didn’t realise how much mould rubber collects” if you forget to rinse it out.

Inspired by cleanfluencer Sophie Hinchliffe, the user wrote: “Hinched my washing machine last night… super happy with the result!”

Along with cleaning out the often over-looked drawer, the woman then used a £3.50 Dettol spray to tackle the build up of mould on the rubber seal – and admits she “didn’t have to scrub a thing!”

After leaving the mildew remover for a thirty minutes to work its magic, the woman then put her washing machine on an empty spin at 60 degrees to get rid of the stubborn mould.

Unsurprisingly, other users were quickly delighted with the results and are desperate to try it out for themselves.

One replied: “Wow you got it that clean without scrubbing??”

Another wrote: “I’m getting myself some of that!”

Break the mould

They can easily keep our kids entertained for hours on end in the bath – but have you ever stopped to consider how clean their rubber ducks actually are?

Did YOU know that bath toys are a breeding ground for mould?


Did YOU know that bath toys are a breeding ground for mould?Credit: Facebook
The mum insisted she washes her bath toys regularly


The mum insisted she washes her bath toys regularlyCredit: Facebook

After reading about a child who nearly went blind after squirting himself in the eye with a dirty bath toy, this mum decided to take a closer look at her children’s collection.

She cut the plastic bath toys open and was “disgusted” to find a shocking amount of dangerous mould growing even though she washes them regularly.

Warning other parents, she wrote on Facebook: “Please throw these bath toys away it’s disgusting – I feel sick looking at it.

“I just cut my kids bath toys open and needless to say, they are all going in the trash and I will never buy another and I would suggest you all do the same!

“They say mould grows in them because they’re never able to fully dry out! I’ve never been more disgusted in my life!!”

Down the drain

Your sink may look clean on the outside - but what's lingering under the plug hole?


Your sink may look clean on the outside – but what’s lingering under the plug hole?Credit: Facebook / Megan Horne
The woman have it a thorough clean afterwards


The woman have it a thorough clean afterwardsCredit: Facebook / Megan Horne

On the surface, our drain might look sparkling clean – but if you follow Mrs Hinch’s method, chances are you’ll find some hidden grime.

The cleaning sensation demonstrated how she rids her kitchen drain of disgusting odours which build up over time.

In an Instagram story, she put a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda over the plug holes before pouring white vinegar over the top.

This cleaning combo is a tried and tested method which easily gets the inside of your pipes clean.

Armed with her weapon of choice, Mrs Hinch unscrewed the plug hole with a teaspoon to release the plate.

Despite the surrounding sink being spotless, the exposed area under the drain cover was pretty grimy which proves it often goes unnoticed.

Trying out the method, this mum was horrified by the build-up of food debris which was lingering there the whole time.

Alongside stark before and after snaps, she wrote: “After watching this on tiktok i thought I’d give it a try! How long has it been since you’ve actually cleaned your sink??”

Pillow Talk

TikToker user Lexi washed her husband's pillows for the first time in five YEARS


TikToker user Lexi washed her husband’s pillows for the first time in five YEARSCredit: @pwincesslexx/Tiktok
Her video racked up millions of views


Her video racked up millions of viewsCredit: @pwincesslexx/Tiktok

We know we ought to wash our bedding every other week – but when was the last time you thought to put your pillows through a spin?

Earlier this month, TikTok user shared a viral video of her washing her husband’s two favourite pillows for the first time in five YEARS.

And let’s just say, they’ll make your partner’s smelly bedding look absolutely sparkling in comparison.

To begin with, she places the two brown stained pillows in the bath and soaks them in hot water.

Next, the American mum adds a generous amount of washing detergent and pours in some scent boosting beads.

After this, she sprinkles some OXI Clean stain-removal powder over the top and lets the pillows soak for an entire day.

Once two hours have passed, the water has already turned a grim shade of brown.

But once it hits the 24 hour mark, the bath is left absolutely filthy – and we can only imagine how bad it smelt.

Duvet Day

The woman soaked her duvet for hours and was horrified by how filthy it was


The woman soaked her duvet for hours and was horrified by how filthy it wasCredit: Facebook
It looked as good as new afterwards


It looked as good as new afterwardsCredit: Facebook

In a post on Facebook, the woman from Australia revealed how she had strip washed her duvet in the bath after realising it was too big to bung in the washing machine.

She added soda crystals and liquid detergent to the warm water and left it for five hours.

However, the mum was horrified to witness the water quickly turn grey – suggesting the bedding was long overdue a deep clean.

Sharing pictures of the filthy result, she insisted that it “didn’t look that bad” before getting it wet.

Afterwards, she shared a picture of the same duvet now looking sparkling white once it had dried off. 

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