The iconic ‘skinny house’ in Boston has sold for $1.25 million.

The historic four-storey house in the US city was constructed in 1862 and is believed to be the narrowest property in the area.

It measures approximately 1,165 square feet but is only 10 feet wide at its maximum. At the home’s narrowest point inside, the walls are close enough to allow most adults to touch opposite sides of the house at the same time.

According to local legend, two brothers inherited the land on which the property is built on but when one joined the Army, the other built a sprawling home that took up most of the space. This led to a feud between the pair and the first brother built the narrow home out of spite following his return from war.

The unique house was put on the market for $1.2 million last month and sold for $1.25 million, the real estate marketplace Zillow said.


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