The Kelly Slater Wave Company Is Central to ‘The Ultimate Surfer’

In 2007, Kelly created the Kelly Slater Wave Company, intending to create the perfect inland wave for surfers to practice on away from the actual ocean. It was a 10-year effort, and the World Surf League invested in the company in 2016.

It’s not your average wave pool you’d see at a water park. And it certainly isn’t akin to surfing stations you’d see at those same kinds of parks.

According to the website, “This next level technology produces the longest, open barrel, high performance, human-made wave in the world.”

It’s located at a surf ranch in California 100 miles from the nearest ocean. The ranch itself provides the perfect spot for surfing elites to stay, play, and train. They also compete against each other using the wave technology. And now it’s part of The Ultimate Surfer on ABC.

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