The Low-Key Way Mark Consuelos Proposed To Kelly Ripa

Per Elle, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos started dating soon after he joined “All My Children.” They kept it quiet, though, determined to maintain professional boundaries at work. About a year later, Consuelos was ready to propose, but his timing came at an interesting juncture in their relationship. Ripa explained on the podcast “Betches’ Comments by Celebs” the two had split a week prior to their wedding (via ET Online). “He popped the question the day before we got married, but that day, that very day that we got back together, we were at a taping of ‘Regis and Kathie Lee,'” Ripa shared.

As the couple hung out and ate pizza, Consuelos decided to pop the question (per “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee“). Ripa recalled, “I was, like, licking the grease from my elbow… and he’s like, wanna fly to Vegas and get married?” Ripa recalled. As InStyle detailed, the two had gone for a walk in the park before they went to his apartment for pizza and wine. “I said, ‘Ask me when you’re serious.’ And he said, ‘I am serious. Let’s go to Vegas tomorrow and get married,'” Ripa recalled. She said yes, and they flew to Vegas. 

The news didn’t make waves on the “AMC” set though. “Most people didn’t know that we were even dating, until we were married for, like, six months to a year,” Ripa recalled during an episode of “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

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