The Masked Singer 2021: Who is Caterpillar?

THE Masked Singer premiered this week on FOX, but not all the contestants have been introduced yet. 

Viewers have met Masked Singer contestants like Bull, Mother Nature, Hamster, Skunk, Pufferfish, and Baby already, but there are several more that viewers have not seen a performance from yet. 


Who is the Caterpillar on The Masked Singer?

What does Caterpillar on The Masked Singer look like?

The show released a short teaser video of Caterpillar with a clue.

The Caterpillar is yellow with a bunch of pink fur and blue dots, glittery eyebrows, and seems to have two teeth with braces. 

It also has freckles and some sort of microphone or headset on one side of its head. 

Caterpillar also seems to have four “legs” and six “arms.”

Who is Caterpillar?

Because viewers haven’t met Caterpillar on The Masked Singer yet, it’s anyone’s guess who the celebrity behind the mask could be. 

However, the video shared by The Masked Singer on Twitter did have one major clue to help sleuths watching at home try to narrow down their guesses. 

“You might not know who I am yet,” Caterpillar said in the clip. “But I can say a tailor would, especially this one.”

Then a photo of Taylor Swift popped up on screen, suggesting that the contestant knows the “Shake It Off” singer.

“What connection could #CaterpillarMask and @TaylorSwift have? 🤔 #TheMaskedSinger,” the caption read.

Two of the guesses in the replies for the post were Todrick Hall and Karlie [Kloss.]

The Masked Singer premiered Season 6 on September 22


The Masked Singer premiered Season 6 on September 22Credit: Fox

Who else is on The Masked Singer?

Other contestants on the show include the following:

The Masked Singer is splitting its contestants into A and B groups this season, with the groups competing against one another until the end when the best of the best meet and compete in the final.

When is The Masked Singer on?

This week, the two-part premiere of The Masked Singer was on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8pm ET.

For the rest of the season, it will be on at 8pm on Wednesdays, according to Decider.

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