The Masked Singer Reveal That Made Ken Jeong Feel Like An ‘Idiot’

During the show’s first season, actor and comedian Margaret Cho participated on “The Masked Singer” as the Poodle. Although she had never pursued a professional music career, Cho impressed viewers with her voice and song choices. Even though Poodle may have not taken home the winning title, they still made a big impression on the panel, especially with Ken Jeong. The “Hangover” actor was confident they were a comedian but couldn’t put his finger on which one, so he went with Melissa Rivers as his final guess.

When Cho was revealed to be the celebrity underneath the fluffy costume, Jeong admitted he should have known it was her, as Cho played his sister in the sitcom “Dr. Ken.” He went on to praise his co-star by stating she is a “pioneer” in the Asian American comedy community and insisted Cho is the reason he is also a comedian.

Despite the show being on its sixth season now, Poodle’s reveal really stuck with Jeong. Keep reading to find out why.


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