The Masked Singer reveals Ruth Pointer as Cupcake while stumping all four judges in shocking elimination

THE Masked Singer revealed Ruth Pointer as Cupcake during Wednesday’s episode of the show.

The latest reveal stumped all four judges in the shocking elimination.


TK was unmasked as Cupcake during Wednesday’s episode of The Masked SingerCredit: Fox
All four judges were stumped by her identity


All four judges were stumped by her identityCredit: Fox

During tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, Cupcake took the stage to perform Martha Reeves & The Vandellas’ song Heat Wave.

The contestant competed in the Group B round against duo Banana Split, Queen Of Hearts, the Mallard and new wildcard the Caterpillar. 

Following the performances, host Nick Cannon, 40, revealed that Cupcake was the latest contestant to be sent home.

Before Cupcake officially left the competition, the judges took their final guesses on who was under the mask.

Ken Jeong, 52, said he thought it was Tina Turner under the mask, while Nicole Scherzinger, 43, guessed Ruth from The Pointer Sisters.

Meanwhile, Robin Thicke, 44, chose Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones as his pick and Jenny McCarthy, 48, guessed the performer was Grace Jones. 

After the contestant’s identity was revealed, the judges appeared visibly shocked as Nick said she “threw everyone off.” 

While Nicole’s guess was correct, Ruth revealed the bombshell that she sister was supposed to perform on the show with her as a duo.


When Nick asked if the eliminated contestant wanted to say anything, she shouted out her famous sister Anita: “Sweetheart, I love you! I came to do what I needed to get home and support you.”

She continued: “Thank you guys for having me! I’m a big fan of the show, I’ve been watching it the whole time.” 

Before the unmasking, the Cupcake hinted at her identity by saying she was once “around other people a lot in her career.”

The hint implied that she was potentially part of a girl group or starred on a TV show with an ensemble cast.


The judges were equally as surprised last week when Larry the Cable Guy was unmasked as Baby.

Before Baby’s identity was revealed, the panelists each took one turn guessing who the singer under the mask was.

Robin guessed he was Chuck Norris, while Nicole said she thought he was James Corden.

Meanwhile, Ken said it was Gordon Ramsay and Jenny guessed he was Bruce Willis.

After the performer was revealed, Nick pointed out the judges have guessed he was a contestant in past seasons as he said: “We’ve said his name so many times and now he’s here in a baby costume.”


Once he was given the chance to speak, Larry told the judges: “Everyone was so pumped up to see Bruce Willis, what a let down.

“Everyone thought it would be this big action hero.

“This was the first time I’ve sang in from of anybody.” 

The panelists weren’t the only people impressed by the Baby’s true identity, as Nick called him one of the “most recognizable voices of this generation.”

Cupcake was the latest contestant to be eliminated on the show


Cupcake was the latest contestant to be eliminated on the showCredit: Fox
Nick admitted she 'threw everyone off'


Nick admitted she ‘threw everyone off’Credit: Fox
None of the judges correctly guessed her identity


None of the judges correctly guessed her identityCredit: Fox


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