The Most Decorated Track Athlete, Allyson Felix, Says She’s “Evolved” (EXCLUSIVE)

Reflecting on her experiences in her first Olympic Games up until now, Allyson told Distractify that she has “found [her] voice.”

“I’ve definitely evolved. As a younger athlete, I was so focused on performance, and I felt like that was the only thing that really mattered, and evolving to now to being a 35-year-old mother, there are so many things that matter to me and feel like I could speak up on and make a difference in,” she said. “I’ve completely evolved.”

Aside from making history as the most decorated track and field athlete, the 2020 Tokyo Games also holds another significance for Allyson — this marks her final Olympic Games.

“[Tokyo 2020] definitely had a different meaning for me,” she said. “My drive and motivation have shifted so much. It used to only be about performances and winning medals, and these last couple of years have shown me my strength and shown me the reason that I am doing all of this: to have an impact and to be a good role model for my daughter.”

She added, “I can’t wait to tell her about overcoming all of this adversity and how we continue to fight until a job is done.”

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