The Movie Has a Gigantic Plot Twist

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Netflix‘s Sweet Girl.

What starts out as an action-packed thriller turns out to be a young girl’s attempts to grapple with the tragic loss of her parents in Netflix’s Sweet Girl. The titillating flick features a scene in which FBI Detective Sarah Meeker (Lex Scott Davis) tries to convince a visibly upset Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) not to jump off the roof of Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. But not all is what it seems. Here’s the ending explained.

‘Sweet Girl’ has a gigantic plot twist that also involves some gender swapping.

Sweet Girl tells the devastating tale of an exceptionally buff dad ready to do what it takes and use his fists to teach his enemies a lesson or two. Ray resolves to take revenge on the head honchos in charge of a pharmaceutical company, BioPrime, after they withdraw Spero — the drug hoped to cure his cancer-stricken wife, Amanda Cooper (Adria Arjona) — from the market. Sweet Girl charts widower Ray’s attempts to grind his enemies to dust. But there’s one catch. As the ending reveals, Ray isn’t Ray.

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In the course of the nearly two-hour-long movie, Ray gets into several fights, including a terrifying face-off with a hitman, Amos Santos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo). This melee — which happens toward the beginning of the film — takes place on the subway, where Ray was originally scheduled to meet Martin Bennett (Nelson Franklin), a journalist determined to expose BioPrime’s darkest secrets. Amos kills Martin. What’s more, he fatally injures Ray as well.

It’s only later on that the viewers realize that Ray lost his life during the subway meet-up-turned-nightmare and that his daughter, Rachel Cooper (Isabela Merced), was the one doling out the punches all along. To cope with the death of her dad, Rachel began to envisage herself as her father. She experienced the devastating events taking place after his death through his skin.

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Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced in 'Sweet Girl'

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Sweet Girl contains a handful of nifty clues hinting toward the somewhat unusual predicament — including a monologue in which Ray explores the possibility of parents and their children merging into one another. Following the shocking revelation about Rachel and Ray — namely, that Rachel is Ray — Rachel sets out on a quest to finish the job and hold accountable the real culprit, Congresswoman Diana Morgan (Amy Brenneman).

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Here’s what Rachel comes up with in the ending of ‘Sweet Girl.’

In the last third of the movie, Rachel kills the hitman (aka her father’s murderer) before paying a much-needed visit to Diana. Instead of taking her life, Rachel forces her to go on record and list her questionable activities. She forwards the piece of evidence to the FBI before boarding a plane.

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Sweet Girl garnered instant popularity among viewers thanks to its genius structure and clever character developments.

Sweet Girl on Netflix is so good. Talk about a plot twist hunny, OMG,” tweeted @kaay_bizzle.

“Watching #SweetGirl on Netflix. I love this movie. The plot twist is brilliant. I’m usually weak for romance movies, but this one surprised me. It’s that good,” tweeted @xkristiinax92.

Sweet Girl is available on Netflix now.

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