The one mistake holidaymakers make when packing, according to a travel expert

A PACKING expert has revealed the number one thing that holidaymakers do wrong when trying to pack for a holiday.

Last-minute packers beware – as she warns it is all about being prepared.


A packing expert has revealed the worst thing you can do before a holidayCredit: Getty

Lydia Mansel who runs the packing website Just Packed, said travellers should pack up to two weeks ahead of time, so you aren’t caught short on holiday.

She told Travel + Leisure: “For any length of trip, you should start thinking about what you need to pack about a week to two weeks prior.

“Personally, I use the notepad on my phone to jot down items I’ll definitely need and add as something else comes to mind.

“For clothing, I type out all of the days I’m there as well as any specific events (sit-down dinners, weddings, hikes) where I’ll need to have a better idea of what I’m actually going to wear.”

She added that she “swears by packing cubes,” which helps you stay organised on holiday.

However, to avoid overpacking, she says to opt for lots of simple clothes which can be mixed and matched, adding: “The worst packing mistake for a short trip is definitely packing too many shoes.”

Other mistakes to fall into is packing uncomfortable heels – “terrible idea on cobblestones” – or not wanting to take a coat – “I [once]assumed that 60 degrees Fahrenheit meant warm”.

The one thing to always pack? A pen, especially with customs forms and Passenger Locator Forms.

She said: “No one wants to be that traveler waiting around for an extra pen or asking fellow passengers if you can use theirs once they’ve finished.”

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Start early - and forget about all the shoes, she advises


Start early – and forget about all the shoes, she advisesCredit: Getty – Contributor
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