The Proud Boys ‘accidentally smoke-bombed themselves’ in a supermarket car park

Far-right, violent, all-male group, the Proud Boys, got themselves into an awkward situation at the weekend —by letting off a smoke bomb in a car park of a market.

One of the Proud Boys’ Portland, Oregon rallies, dubbed “Summer of Love,” descended into chaos when they targeted anti-fascist protesters who weren’t afraid to hit back.

The Boys themselves may have gotten their heads too far in the clouds after misjudging the smoke bomb they decided to let off in the car park of a KMart, a department store chain.

You can hear shouts of “f*** Antifa,” while someone else said, “Could we move that smoke bomb a little bit out there? We got elderly people here, guys.”

See for yourselves:

People in the comments were quick to mock the far-right group.

“Ah yes. Smoke yourself out and blame it on Antifa Clowns,” someone wrote.

“They aren’t sending their smartest, that’s for sure,” another added.

Someone else made a joke about accidents in market aisles and wrote, “Attention Kmart shoppers blue light, especially aisle 9.”

Check out some other reactions below.

Early in the day, various speakers on the Proud Boy stage described people charged with crimes for the insurrection of Capitol Hill on January 6 as “political prisoners.”

Among the speakers was Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, a member who has been convicted of violence at protests, according to OPB.

“We’re not going to stand down,” Toese said.

As a result of the events over the weekend, leaders were prompted to speak on it, including Eric Ward, the executive director of the Western States Center, a nationwide ​​organization to promote democracy and freedom from fear, who called the events “deeply disturbing.”

“This is a national problem that demands national resources. Anti-democratic violence is a threat that strikes at the heart of who we are as a country. It’s time to act like it,” Ward said in a statement.

The Proud Boys, formed in the midst of the presidential election of 2016, is a violent, far-right, all-male organisation that insists they are perpetuating an “anti-political correctness” and “anti-white guilt” rhetoric when it really teeters on the lines of bigotry.

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