The Range starts festive countdown by putting up Christmas trees with 128 days to go

The Range has decided it’s time to open up the great annual debate that divides the nation every year – when is it time to start thinking about Christmas?

How soon is too soon to start thinking about Christmas? (Image: The Range)

How early is too early? Yes, we’ve only just had the summer Olympics and we’re still gearing up for the Paralympics, but is it too soon to start getting festive?

Furniture store The Range certainly doesn’t think so, and it will be launching its Christmas range online from August 26.

The store’s bosses reckon the plummeting temperatures from a washout of a summer have got customers thinking about the winter months already.

The retail chain claims it’s the first in the UK to put up a Christmas tree in store – although it’s placed alongside a collection of hot tubs.





The store will launch its Christmas range at the end of this month

The Range)








Some Christmas trees are already up instore

The Range)






According to The Range HQ, more and more people have searched for ‘Christmas trees’ and ‘Christmas decorations’ online over the past week – marking a rise of 64 per cent.

Some of the decorations on offer include alternative Christmas baubles from around the world, multicoloured Christmas trees, mini Santas and more traditional ornaments to adorn the tree.

A spokesman for the store said: “We know that thinking about Christmas early is one of those polarising subjects in the UK but the recent bad weather looks to have really created a shift in peoples’ shopping habits this year.








“Our online team are reporting consumer demand for Christmas items already and website searches reveal that people are wanting to shop earlier this year.

“After a turbulent year, friends and family are planning to gather to celebrate in a big way and the planning is starting early.”

Although most people are likely to think it’s a bit premature to adorn the house with Christmas decorations, the festive fanatics among us are no doubt delighted to finally be able to start their Christmas shopping.

There are only 128 days to go, after all.

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