The Real Life Barbie Penthouse Will Hit The Market In Los Angeles

Was it ever your dream to live in an actual dollhouse? You could potentially make that dream come true! The L.A. penthouse that once belonged to the owners of Mattel is going up for sale on Tuesday. We have more than a few reasons to believe that they could be taking up reasonable offers. The story of the house is quite unique. It did belong to the original Ken and Barbie who are actually brother, and sister, take that for a plot twist! However, the current owner was the one that turned it into a Barbie shrine! 

The Amenities 

Barbie Penthouse

The pictures that are up, on the realtor’s website reveal what you can expect to get when you buy the house. Which includes a wine cellar that holds 300 bottles. You can also wake up with a view of the Hollywood sign. Just don’t walk into the living room. It may not be all that healthy to stare at the massive naked Barbie picture they have right next to the piano. We are talking about the doll Barbie, of course! Not the actual Barbie lady. 

Who Made This Barbie Shrine  

Douglas Elliman Real Estate

As we mentioned, the home was potentially average-looking. At least as average looking as a condo with a great view of the L.A. area can look. It wasn’t until the current owner, Nicole Sassaman, purchased it from Barbara Segal, (the namesake for the Barbie doll). Sassaman is an interior designer. She decided to go all out on the Barbie-themed decorations for the place. She’s probably the one that went out and bought the naked Barbie poster that’s in the living room!  

They Maybe Taking Up Reasonable Offers 

Douglas Elliman Real estate

The list price on the condo is right under 10 million dollars. Actually, just like a toy, they priced the condo at 9,999,999 and 99 cents of course! Ok, so that’s not the exact price, but the list price is literally like 200 dollars under 10 million. The reason why we believe that the current owner could be open to reasonable offers is because of what she said The Post. Claiming that her family of 3 which includes her husband and 15-year-old daughter plan to live a “less fancy” life moving forward. That could mean they’re a little short on cash!  

Is This Really A Doll House? 

Barry haynes, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The owner of the place Nicole Sassaman claims former owner Barbara Segal came to the place after she’d renovated it and left her a note that read, 

“I didn’t know how much you loved Barbies, and it is very touching seeing how you centered the whole project around her. I wish my parents could see what you did!”

Is the current decoration really all that Barbie-themed? Yes, the naked Barbie is the main staple of the house. This condo seems to be worth every penny just because of the view, though. Not necessarily this experience of living in a doll house. 

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