The Real Reason Cameron Diaz Isn’t Attracted To Her Husband’s Twin

Cameron Diaz’s husband, Benji Madden, is in the band Good Charlotte with his twin brother, Joel Madden. And while one might think that Diaz would fine Joel attractive, it’s not exactly like that for her. In September 2021, Diaz made an appearance on the “Anna Faris Is Unqualified” podcast, to talk about her life — and her marriage. She told Faris that she actually met her husband through his brother and his wife, Nicole Richie. She shared that she’s attracted to her husband because of his personality, pointing out that he’s nothing like his brother, Joel. “They’re not the same, they’re so different. Even though they’re twins, they’re very, very different obviously,” Diaz told Faris.

During the interview with Faris, Diaz also recalled the very first time that she laid eyes on her husband. Even though she had already met his brother Joel, she recalled thinking “Huh, he’s hot, I haven’t seen him before.” She went on to say that when she really got to know Benji, that’s when she realized that he was the one. “Oh you, you’re special, you’re the guy, you’re the hidden gem in my life,” she remembered thinking.


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