The Real Reason Chrissy Teigen Deleted Thousands Of Tweets

In 2020 — before her online bullying scandal — Chrissy Teigen was forced to delete over 60,000 of her old musings on Twitter because, as she said, she was harassed by trolls. Teigen was forced to deny online conspiracy theories that suggested there were flight logs from Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane, “Lolita Express,” with her name on them, according to Page Six. Epstein died in prison in 2019 while he was awaiting sex trafficking charges. 

Teigen was so upset by the rumors and the reports that she took to her Twitter account to clarify a few things. “If we wanna play with your lie just for fun, do you understand that if I were on the flight for the date of this ‘manifest,’ I’d be a victim,” she wrote back in July 2020, while also making her Twitter account private to just her 13 million fans at the time.

If that weren’t enough, Teigen was not too pleased over the fact that some people brought up her questionable comments about the reality show, “Toddlers and Tiaras,” which she happened to be a big fan of. Things got so bad that Teigen said she was even worried about her family’s safety, which includes her husband, John Legend, and their two children, Luna and Miles (pictured above). Keep reading to find out what Teigen said next.


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