The Real Reason Prince Harry Is Getting Slammed Over His Tribute To The Queen And Prince Philip

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry was slammed by social media users following his comments about the “adorable” relationship between his grandparents because many felt that he was being “insincere.” Harry’s comments about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marriage come months after he did various interviews in which he “trashed his upbringing, his family and his country.” Many people brought up Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, specifically, in which he accused The Firm of neglecting his wife, Meghan Markle, in her time of need. Others wondered why Harry was even included in the documentary in the first place, given how they feel that he has “turned his back on the Monarchy.”

On the flip side, the Daily Mail also highlighted various social media users who shared their support for the Duke of Sussex, saying that he has done “nothing wrong.” Others pointed out that Harry never spoke ill of the queen or the Duke of Edinburgh, despite his efforts to set the record straight over the past several months. 

As the Daily Mail outlines, both Harry and his brother, Prince William, had fairly close relationships with their grandfather, who was a huge support for them when their mother, Princess Diana, died in 1997. Philip also spoke to Harry about military service, which the two bonded over. “‘He was very much a listener, he sort of set the scene for you to be able to share as much as you wanted to share but he would never probe,” Harry also said in the documentary.


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