The Real Reason Princess Beatrice’s Daughter Will Have A Title Unlike Princess Eugenie’s Son

We expect that this is one particular royal conundrum Queen Elizabeth II is happy to have no part in!

Per People, the story goes that while both Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice retained their royal status after marrying their respective husbands, they were not given titles by Queen Elizabeth. (Contrastly, when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle the queen gifted them with the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.) Unfortunately for Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, that means their children won’t be inheriting any titles either… but wait!

As it turns out, Princess Beatrice married an aristocrat of her own when she tied the knot to Italian Count Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. “Edoardo is the only male descendent taking the family into the next generation,” Edoardo’s father once explained to the Daily Mail. “He is a count — his wife will be a countess automatically and any of their children will be counts or nobile donna.” So with Princess Beatrice holding the title of countess or “contessa”, it’s only fitting that their daughter will inherit a title as well.  Perhaps, if one day little August is upset about not receiving a title like his baby cousin, he should take that up with his mother!


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