The reason air hostesses always do this one thing

A flight attendant has explained why she always keeps her hair tied back — and it’s not for the reason you might think.

Posting to TikTok, Canadian flight attendant Kaylee, who goes by @flyingkaylee, revealed her hair is always off her shoulders not just to meet her dress code, but also for safety reasons.

Kaylee explained the ‘smoke hoods’ create a tight seal around a flight attendant’s neck, which isn’t as effective if hair is in the way. (TikTok / @flyingkaylee)

“We have something on-board called ‘smoke hoods’,” Kaylee explained in the video.

“So, in case there is a fire on-board that we need to fight, we have something that we can put on over [our heads] so we can still be breathing oxygen and not be breathing in the smoke as we’re fighting the fire.”

The smoke hoods “create a tight seal” around a person’s neck — but if a flight attendant’s long hair is in the way, that seal can’t be made, said Kaylee.

“It won’t work as effectively, so that’s why your hair needs to be tied back, so you can create that tight seal and then you can breathe the oxygen as you need to,” she said.

The second reason you might notice a flight attendant’s hair slicked back in a ponytail or bun is for uniform.

Kaylee demonstrated how hair that isn’t tied back can also look unprofessional. (TikTok / @flyingkaylee)

“If my hair is over my face and getting in the way, that doesn’t look so good, so it’s also a presentation thing as well,” Kaylee explained.

The video has been spruiked by thousands of TikTokers who were surprised by Kaylee’s explanation.

“You are trained fire fighters too? That I did not know,” one person commented.

Replying to the comment, Kaylee wrote: “FA’s (flight attendants) are your ‘911’ in the air, police, emergency and fire. We may get assistance time to time but the reason we’re on board is safety first.”

Another person agreed with the dress code rule: “Looks good to me, but safety has to come first,” they wrote.


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