The Rock Bottom Moment That Caused Ree Drummond To Lose Nearly 60 Pounds

Ree Drummond penned an insightful post on her Pioneer Woman blog to explain how she lost the “considerable weight” she gained over a three-year span. She admitted that she wanted to slim down for her daughter Alex’s wedding, which took place in May. But she added that her biggest motivation was that she wanted to “feel better and have more energy.”

In her post, Drummond revealed that she did not go on a diet, fast, buy specialty foods, or use a trainer. What she did do was consume fewer calories and track them with a calorie counter. She weighed her food with a digital scale, she upped her protein intake, cut down on sugar, and completely cut out alcohol for months.

Drummond also added daily exercise to her schedule, such as walking, Pilates, using a rowing machine, and incorporating weights to build muscle. Impressively, she did it all at her ranch and not at a gym. She also started using a standing desk instead of sitting while she worked. Drummond said her husband, Ladd Drummond, suggested that if she really wanted to build muscle in order to burn calories, she needed to focus on her legs. So, she started doing lunges, squats, straight-leg deadlifts, and calf raises. Reflecting on her weight-loss journey, she wrote, “I mostly just think about how much better I feel every day and feel grateful that I’ve made it over the hump.”


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