The Scholarship Challenge on TikTok Involves Pranking Your Family

Ashton Drake Raney (@ashtondrakeraney) asks for her grandmother’s help with a supposed $30,000 scholarship application. At the beginning of the video, she reveals that her grandmother is her greatest source of inspiration.

“So, I’m trying to win the $30,000 scholarship. It could really help me and help my family,” Ashton says. “One of the [biggest] people that I look up to is this lady right here.”

Her grandmother lights up with the most adorable smile. It doesn’t last long. Without much rhetorical flourish, Ashton says, “When she was younger, she was a prostitute,” about her grandmother, whose facial expressions convey everything you need to know.

“And, she also has a prosthetic leg,” Ashton adds. “So it would be so helpful if we could get her off the streets.”

“That’s right,” her grandmother says, looking completely disheartened.

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