The secret household item cleaning fans need in their collection & it’ll make everything from walls to jewellery sparkle

EVER since we discovered Mrs Hinch three years ago, we’ve been nothing short of obsessed with buying cleaning products.

But while we couldn’t live without the Hinch-approved hero products The Pink Stuff and Elbow Grease, there’s a certain item in your kitchen cupboard that works wonders too.


Bicarbonate of soda isn’t only good for baking – it’s also great for cleaningCredit: Alamy

That’s right – not only is bicarbonate of soda great for making cakes rise, it also boasts secret cleaning properties too.

From making tarnished jewellery sparkle to declogging drains, here Fabulous shows all the ways you can use bicarb around the home – notepads at the ready!

Cleaning grubby walls

Earlier this year, Tanya, who shares “home inspo” and “home hacks” on TikTok, demonstrated her simple tip for getting rid of marks on walls with bicarb.

And the best part is, her method will also make your home smell amazing too.

“Here’s a hack that you wish you’d known sooner,” she says in the clip.

Using a paint roller, she mixes bicarbonate of soda with a generous amount of Fabulosa disinfectant before applying it to the walls.

The paint roller makes it super easy to do as you simply roll it over the entire area, so there’s no scrubbing required whatsoever.

Bicarbonate of soda is often used to clean various surfaces around the home as it acts as a mild abrasive.

Meanwhile, the disinfectant blasts the dirt and also makes the room smell incredible.

Make tarnished jewellery sparkle

This woman – who runs the Facebook page Jedi Mum Tricks – was kicking herself after she accidentally wore her silver bracelet in a pool last year.

She wrote: “After lots of chlorine swims this summer, my silver bracelet was getting really tarnished.

“I soaked it in bicarbonate soda paste in foil for a couple of hours and it’s sparkly once again!”

To begin with, the mum made a little bowl out of tin foil and added a scoop of bicarbonate of soda.

Then, she added some boiling water to form a paste and left her jewellery to soak.

This cleaning fan mixed bicarb, water and disinfectant


This cleaning fan mixed bicarb, water and disinfectantCredit: Tik Tok
It removed grim marks and made the walls smell amazing


It removed grim marks and made the walls smell amazingCredit: Tik Tok
This mum made a paste out of bicard and left her bracelet to soak


This mum made a paste out of bicard and left her bracelet to soakCredit: Jedi Mum Tricks
The jewellery was sparkling new again


The jewellery was sparkling new againCredit: Jedi Mum Tricks

She continued: “Put the bracelet in, making sure it was all covered by the paste, then closed over the foil into a ball.

“When enough time had passed, I got the bracket out, rubbed and rinsed under running water, dried with a towel and it’s good as new!” Genius.

Declogging drains

IT might be one of the more unpleasant household chores – but if you don’t regularly unclog your kitchen sink then it can lead to serious plumbing issues.

But rather than relying on the out of sight, out of mind mentality, this mum has revealed her three-step trick to getting her sink clog-free – and trust us, it’s SO satisfying to do.

The mum mixed bicarb, vinegar and boiling water to unclog her drain


The mum mixed bicarb, vinegar and boiling water to unclog her drainCredit: Natalie Clarkson

Sharing her homemade hack in the Facebook group Organise my UK home Ltd, the mum wrote: “This little delight is done three times a month or so.

“Bit of Zoflora down the drain, followed by a scoop of bicarb and a squirt of vinegar.

“Smells vile but it keeps my sink free of clogs.”

And while the scented disinfectant makes the kitchen sink smell heavenly, the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda work to break down any bits of food lingering in the drain.

Fresh mattresses

In a video shared to her @mama_mila account on TikTok, the clever woman revealed how to “treat yourself to a good night’s sleep” with the simple hack.

The Australian social media user first removed her bedding and vacuumed her mattress with a hand-held hoover.

She then combined bicarbonate of soda and essential oils into a mixture before drizzling it all over the fabric.

The solution is intended to remove dirt, dust, sweat and bodily fluids.

This mum sprinkles bicarb over her mattress to give it a refresh


This mum sprinkles bicarb over her mattress to give it a refreshCredit: @mama_mila_/TikTok
She also added essential oils to make it smell great


She also added essential oils to make it smell greatCredit: @mama_mila_/TikTok

The mum left it to soak in for several hours as she washed the sheets and duvet.

She then hoovered the mattress again, and reapplied the bedding, before dousing everything in a linen spray.

As well as being clean, your bed should now also “smell like a dream”.

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