Brawl Erupts at Rams vs. Chargers Preseason Game

Audiences are back at sports arenas and as it appears- bringing their problems with them. A brawl erupted between several fans at the Rams vs. Chargers preseason game in Los Angeles this weekend,

It’s unclear what sparked the altercation between the individuals, all who appear to be adult males. A cell phone recording shared by Twitter user @Dubs408 with the caption “Aaron Donald jersey caught a mean 100 piece,” shows a male in a white Aaron Donald jersey appear to be in a heated debate with a group of other fans. A woman can be seen being escorted out of the verbal altercation before it turned physical. Another fan throws a cup at the male in the Aaron Donald jersey before the man throws a series of punches at the others. He’s eventually pulled over the chairs in front of him as the area clears out.

The fight appeared to be over before security arrived almost two minutes later. No word on whether any arrests were made although a photo posted on USA Today’s Rams’ Wire page shows the fan in the Donald jersey standing shirtless and bloodied in the stands, but otherwise not seriously injured.

The Rams won the game 13-6.

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