The Story Behind Squid Game’s ‘Red Light, Green Light’ Concept Revealed

The huge creepy ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll appears in one of the episodes of the fictional survival show.

If you have already seen the Netflix show Squid Game, then chances are you remember the huge creepy ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll. It is a figure that appeared in one of the episodes of the fictional survival show. Now a post about the figure has wowed people and it talks about the inspiration behind it.

In the game, when the doll said “Green light” people were allowed to move towards the finish line, but when it uttered “Red light,” they had to stop. If anyone was seen moving after that, they were eliminated.

Actor HoYeon Jung who played the role of Kang Sae-byeok in the series has now revealed the inspiration behind the doll. She did so while appearing on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. A video of the same has now gone viral and left people intrigued.

In the video, Fallon asked Jung about the origin of the doll and shared how it is a character which is known to many Koreans. In reply Jung shared, “When we were at school, there were characters. One is a boy, and one is a girl. The boy’s name was Cheolsoo, and the girl’s name was Younghee.”

The video, since being shared, has gathered more than 1.9 lakh likes and the numbers are only increasing. The post has also prompted people to share varied comments.

“He is so scared to look at it,” wrote an Instagram user. “Robot had me shook. She is not your friend,” posted another. Many also shared how Jung is a good actor.


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