The surprising baby names which are rising in popularity… and they all take inspiration from SUPERHERO films

TRYING to pick a unique baby name isn’t always easy, so some parents are turning to Marvel movies for inspiration.

Unique Marvel names like Bucky, Thanos and Wanda are becoming more popular among parents, according to new research from retailer Lost Universe.


Parents are being increasingly inspired by Marvel characters when it comes to naming their childCredit: Getty
The name 'Wanda' has increased in popularity thanks to WandaVision


The name ‘Wanda’ has increased in popularity thanks to WandaVisionCredit: AP

The retailer collected data from the UK and the US between the release of the first Avengers movie in 2012 and today.

Since Marvel films have been so popular amongst audiences, Lost Universe did this to see if any of them have had an influence on baby names.

The information gathered includes the names’ popularity rankings and the total number of newborns named after each character in the United States in 2021.


The names Bucky, Thanos, and Quill have witnessed the highest growth in popularity in recent years.

Fans of the Marvel universe may not be shocked to hear that the nickname for the Winter Soldier, ‘Bucky,’ has surged in popularity the most. It is now the 6,193rd most popular name in 2021, having risen 11,244 places since 2012.

So far this year, 3,000 parents have given their children the name Bucky, thanks to the character’s popularity in the films Endgame and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

What may shock some though is the fact that the name Thanos has gained 8,955 places to become the 4,670th most popular name in the United States since 2012.

A surprising 4,666 newborns have been named after the infamous villain.

Guardians of the Galaxy character names have also been popular, with the name Quill becoming more common and a predicted 1,333 babies being named after both Groot and Drax so far this year.

The Scarlett Witch has become one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following her important part in Endgame and the premiere of Marvel’s newest series WandaVision.

This is particularly noticeable when you take into account the fact that the name ‘Wanda’ has risen 3,711 places, with 11,000 infants acquiring the name from the sorceress in 2021.

Fans also seem to have been inspired by the Loki series, which was launched this year. Babies named Loki have become increasingly prevalent, while Thor’s popularity has waned.

What may be the most surprising twist for some, is that the names from the MCU that are more conventional have suffered the most decline.

Between 2012 and 2021, the popularity of the names Barton, Carol, Steve, Natasha, Bruce, and Tony all decreased.

Marvel names that have risen in popularity between 2012 and 2021:

Bucky (Winter Soldier) +11,244

Quill (Star Lord) +9,264

Thanos +8,955

Groot +4,224

Drax +2,331

Wanda (Scarlett Witch) +2,297

Loki +455

Nick (Nick Fury) +230

Loki is another name that has increased in popularity


Loki is another name that has increased in popularityCredit: Marvel Studios

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