The Surprising Settings AHS Fans Want To See In Future Seasons

“Farms make for a very creepy atmosphere,” agreed u/CLO_MODE, and u/creepy_spider_ghost narrowed the location even further, suggesting Kansas as a potential setting where writers could “use our local cryptid: the winged demon.” Despite the various criticisms “AHS: Cult” received for leaning further into politics than horror themes, a few fans still feel that a D.C. setting holds a lot of promise. Suggesting a different direction, u/gemininature called for “less of a realistic ‘left vs right'” focus in exchange for something more akin to “The Omen” or “Manchurian Candidate.” The original poster readily agreed, saying a D.C. setting wouldn’t necessarily have to be political: “I’d love to see a season like Predator or Alien with a team of soldiers being hunted,” they added. 

While this isn’t the first time fans have called for “AHS” to move to the great northern wilderness, some viewers pointed out that moving around to different states might be more conducive to breathing some fresh air into the series. “American Horror Story: Cross-country,” u/ATLACT313 suggested: “It would use multiple locations and have a solid plot for once by keeping the characters on the road-trip small.” Another fan proposed an RV setting, while a third agreed that seeing a variety of states “would be cool.”

Regardless of where Murphy chooses to move his menagerie of returning cast members and themes in future seasons, for now at least, his decision to shoot in Provincetown appears (based on the terrifying new trailer) to have been a good one. Season 10 will premiere on FX on August 25 at 10 p.m. EST. 

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