The Surprising Thing Jeffrey Dahmer Gave People In His Apartment Building

In his apartment of horrors, police found numerous body parts throughout his kitchen and fridge (via All That’s Interesting). In addition, they discovered a 57-gallon drum that had body parts dissolving in acid. 

Per History, Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors had complained of a foul smell emanating from his apartment. However, he explained it away and said that it was due to expired meat. Everyone, including those who knew Dahmer, were beyond shocked by what was discovered in his apartment. 

By all accounts, his neighbors believed him to be an average and assuming man (per Salon). So much so, that his neighbor Pamela Bass believed he had been a victim of a crime when she saw police outside his apartment.

According to Bass, she befriended Dahmer because he seemed lonely and shy. As they were on friendly terms, he sometimes made her sandwiches, per the Daily Mail. Bass believes she might have unknowingly consumed human flesh, and thinks about it every day.

Dahmer was convicted of his crimes and given 15 life sentences plus 70 years. In 1994, Dahmer was murdered in prison by another inmate, Christopher Scarver. He said he was disturbed by Dahmer’s crimes and that he antagonized other inmates. 


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