The TikTok dogs we just can’t stop watching – as most popular breeds revealed

Dog lovers will know that it doesn’t take the TikTok algorithm long to know what content you want, with the ‘For You page’ flooding with hilarious and cute videos.

Scrolling through endless videos of dogs is one of the quickest ways to lose an hour (or two) but let’s face it – time well spent, right?

From dogs getting themselves into trouble, doing daft things and wearing fancy dress costumes, there is a great selection of canine content worth scouting for on the app.

But according to our sister site, TeamDogs, there are five breeds that people just can’t get enough of.

The five dogs everyone with a TikTok account needs to follow:

Golden Retrievers


Gorgeous Golden Retrievers come out way ahead of the canine competition, with a whopping 9.2 billion views.

And is it any wonder, when the likes of Kaka the Golden Retriever have an impressive 3.4 million followers? That’s enough to make a Love Island star jealous!

Kaka’s often nail-biting adventures (watch her rescuing a puppy, Lassie-style, from a bin), are thrilling followers of her account, kakasuperdog, which has clocked up 32.7m likes.

German Shepherds


The second most popular pooch on TikTok is the German Shepherd, with 4.3 billion views.

Handsome Mickey’s account germanshepherd7 has amassed 1.3m followers purely on the basis of him looking rather adorable.

Who needs tricks or fancy outfits when you look this lush?



In at number three are Chihuahuas, with 4.1 billion views, and is it any wonder given that these pint-sized pups are beloved by celebs and civilians alike?

Stylish Chihuahua Peanut’s array of fashion-forward doggy outfits can be drooled over at chihuahua_peanut. Tres chic!



Pugs stroll in at number four, with 3.6 billion views, proving these pooches are TikTok stars to be reckoned with.

But why settle for one pug when you can have three or four?

With 477.6K followers, TikTok account Pugsuy follows the exploits of a family of the pool-loving pugs, who lead one seriously pampered life at their home in Uruguay!

Anyone for a dip?



Rottweilers have come in from some bad press over the years, but with 3.2 billion views, they’re currently a big hit with TikTok fans.

British-based Bear the Rottie has racked up a very healthy 2.3m likes at his account bear_the_rottweiler_gb, and is it any wonder when he’s as camera-friendly as this?

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