The top 10 baby name trends for 2022 with Bear, Betty, Ames and Astrid set to be favourites

EXPECTING a new bundle of joy in the next few months but undecided call the little tot? Fear not, because we’ve discovered how you can be bang on trend with your baby name for 2022.

Post-pandemic, fashionable baby names will reflect how the past two years have people yearning for adventure, with a focus on human connection.


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Emma Waterhouse, the head moderator at Nameberry says that the new parents of 2022 are seeking names with style and substance that mark a positive turning point in the turmoil of the past two years.

She also says that top trends for next year include unisex names, reflecting a shift in the way the new generation of parents approaches traditional gender norms.

The trends below include names inspired by the currently popular TV series Brigerton, as well as retro names.

Playful Names

Emma says that after two years of the pandemic parents will be drawn to light, bright, playful baby names in 2022, with a strong element of fun.

She says: “Fashion-forward celebrity parents have already started to skip the formal name entirely, putting names like Buddy, Honey, Lucky and even Baby straight onto the birth certificate.”

She also said that some of the more popular playful baby names to watch for in 2022 include Bear, Birdie, Dovie, Iggy, and Pixie.

Escapist Nature Names

Closure and confinement over the past two years, has made people more focused on the perfect getaway, Emma says.

Therefore beach-themed names are due to peak, with a Hawaiian twang thanks to the hit HBO series The White Lotus, along with names that evoke wild, rugged, expansive landscapes.

Some of the coolest escapist nature names for babies now include Horizon, Koa, Lotus, Prairie and Woods.

Bridgerton-Inspired Names

Netflix original series of all time, Bridgerton, is set to inspire to choose vintage names related to Regency England, says Emma.

“Farewell, polite Jane and Elizabeth, and please do sit down, sensual, elaborate Hyacinth and Euphemia” she says.

Other iconic Bridgerton-inspired Regency names she suggests we will hear more of include Benedict, Cressida, Daphne, Eloise, and Francesca.

Nonbinary Names for Boys

As society is becoming more open to gender fluidity, therefore Emma says more parents are willing to consider more feminine names for boys.  

Some of the best nonbinary names we expect to hear more often on baby boys include Artemis, Juniper,  Laurie,  Sasha, and  Sunny.

Spirit and Soul Names

“Spirit and soul names are powerful and evocative, drawing on ancient myth and diverse religious traditions – but with a thoroughly modern twist,” says Emma.

Emma with the rise of Christian names, myth and legend names are increasing along with an alarming number of angel and demon names trending at the moment.

Some of the spirit and soul baby names that will appeal to parents in 2022 include Creed, Galilee, Kali, Revere and Veda

Names Ending in S

“S-ending baby names feel so much fresher in 2022 than N, R, A, and even O in the final spot – and not just for boys,” said Emman.

Adding: “We predict that the smart S ending will feature increasingly prominently on the girls’ side too in coming years.”

She says that particularly trendy categories for S ending names right now include snappy surnames, cool vintage names, and ancient and mythical names.

A selection of hot S ending baby names for 2022 includes Ames, Emrys, Lois, Ozias and Wells.

Retro Nostalgia Names

“Bright, primary colours are dominating the home design scene for 2022. And the retro baby names on the rise will follow suit” says Emma.

Some of the sweetest and sunniest retro baby names include Betty, Bobby, Ned and Nellie

Next Wave Musical Names

Nick Cannon made a bold move in giving the middle name Micolydian – it’s a musical mode — to one of his twin sons earlier this year.

Emma said: “We can’t see that one catching on anytime soon, but it is an illustration of how much more creative musical baby names are set to become.”

A selection of the freshest musical baby names now include Calypso, Chord, Drummer, Madrigal, and Rhythm

Punchy R Names

Emma says that strength and simplicity will naturally appeal to parents in 2022. 

“We’re seeing a whole bunch of energetic unisex R names starting to take off, especially as middle names,” she said.

Some of the punchy unisex R names we expect to see more of this year include Reeve, Revel, Reign, Rome and Roux.

Euro Chic Names

Emma says: “The coolest Euro-chic baby names of 2022 feel as at home in Copenhagen as they do in London or Amsterdam or San Francisco, appealing to sophisticated world travellers.”

A selection of the best quirky classic European name internationally chic right now include Astrid, Bastian, Cosmo, Oona, Stellan.

Unisex names are also due to boom in 2022


Unisex names are also due to boom in 2022Credit: Getty

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