The Transformation Of Dylan And Cole Sprouse From Babies To 29

Following his college graduation, Cole Sprouse was archaeological assistant to a Brooklyn artifact laboratory. “I was working in a basement, and there was no sun. I was like a little treasure goblin, and I ended up getting a request to fly out to L.A. and audition for Archie,” Sprouse told Glamour. At the “Riverdale” reading, he fell in love with Jughead’s character, and the rest is history — the star was announced as Jughead Jones in 2016, with “Riverdale” debuting in 2017.

Dylan Sprouse came back to acting, too, just in a different arena. “I think Cole’s in a place where he’s very happy right now…whereas I would be happiest doing more films with a lower budget — independent, expressive, really small-scale. I tend to enjoy roles that I very closely identify with: fringe people and complicated characters, who might even be bad guys, or bad characters that have one redeeming quality. That’s closer to my idea of what my acting trajectory should be,” Dylan outlined to Vulture. He was a voiceover artist on video games and worked on independent films. 

The brothers couldn’t resist poking fun at each other about their acting careers. Cole tweeted in 2017, “@dylansprouse were you Zack or Cody?” Dylan replied to Cole, “I don’t remember actually. I was too busy carrying the show on my back.” The twin, who played Zack, was also busy crafting All-Wise Meadery in 2017, officially launching the label in 2018. 

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