The True Meaning Behind ‘Take My Breath’ By The Weeknd

“I saw the fire when I look into your eyes / You tell me things you wanna try … / I know temptation is the devil in disguise / You risk it all to feel alive,” The Weeknd sings during the first verse of “Take My Breath,” per Genius. He goes on to add that “you said you do this all the time / Tell me you love me if I bring you to the light.”

While the first few lines might make you think that The Weeknd is singing to a special someone about a particular romantic situation that’s too irresistible to be ignored or denied, things goes way beyond that when he continues in the second verse. “Want me to hold on to you tight / You pull me closer, feel the heat between your thighs…” That’s right, just like many of the star’s most memorable songs, this one has a rather sensual inspiration.

However, this isn’t any ol’ regular desire that we’re talking about.

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