The Truth About Billie Lourd’s Tattoo

In 2017, Billie Lourd showed off her new tattoo to the world but that wasn’t without showing the reason she got it: for her late mother, Carrie Fisher. Lourd posted to Instagram to show off the dainty new tattoo which features a small galaxy on her leg, outfitted with a moon, stars, and a planet. Yet, the tattoo is more than just a galaxy — it’s an homage to her mom’s tattoo. Fisher had a similar galactic design on the same leg. Yet, despite the similarities in their tattoo’s Lourd’s tattoo does look noticeably different from her mom’s.

In an interview with InStyle, Lourd explained the differences. “Hers was a really horrible version of mine basically,” Lourd teased. “Hers kind of looked like she got kicked in the leg.” Fisher’s tattoo had blue and purple shading in the background, which became a joke with her and Lourd. “So it kind of looked like a bruise galaxy,” Lourd continued. “So I got a version of that that’s classier, but not a bruise galaxy.”


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