The Truth about Chris Conran and Alana’s Pre ‘BIP’ Relationship

Chris Conran and Alana Milne were forced out of the house on Bachelor in Paradise. It felt strange as most of the cast ganged up on them in Jessenia Cruz’s honor.

The cast decided the couple must have had a relationship before coming on the show. Fans aren’t convinced that was the case. They do think it’s fairly obvious Pieper James and Brendan Morais did have a relationship before. For whatever reason, the collective cast decided Chris and Alana had to go. Now both of them are defending themselves.

The Nature Of Chris Conran And Alana’s Relationship

The two did have an instant connection. They had met before the show in a group setting. Recently the same had been said about Chris meeting Jessenia before the show. Alana posted on her Instagram story about the hate she received. According to Style Caster, she said, “if you’re one of the many continuing to send me hate, please stop.” She said there wasn’t a relationship with Chris before the show, and they hadn’t planned on meeting up.

She said while she isn’t blaming the edit, fans only saw an edited version of her and don’t truly know her. None of what happened was in her control. Alana wasn’t allowed to talk when they ganged up on Chris. No one wanted to hear her side of the story. Joe Amabile led the charge while he, Jessenia, Riley, and Maurissa converged on Chris and told him to leave. It seemed so harsh, a lot of fans are confused wondering what they missed. Joe had mentioned Chris asked him how he got popular and Jessenia mentioned Alana had talked about gaining followers, but the animosity escalated to a fever pitch.

Chris Conran, Instagram

They Don’t Seem To Be Together Now

At the end of the episode, Chris Conran wanted Alana to leave with him. She said there wasn’t a way she could do that having only been on one date. Alana said in an interview she simply got caught up in the moment and shouldn’t have made out in front of Jessenia.  On his story, Chris shared bullying resources and captioned it, “Alana in case you need it, keep your head up.”

Fans on both sides are commenting on Chris’ Instagram posts. One said, “Another f*cken Brendan. No wonder you never got a rose on your season.” Another said, “I’m sorry for all the bullying. I hope you are doing okay.” Clearly, another thing for Bachelor nation to be divided over. Next week it seems Pieper and Brendan may face the same treatment.

What do you think about the mob mentality against Chris and Alana? Did you think it was justified? Comment with all your thoughts down below.

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