The Truth About Chris Pratt And Olivia Munn’s Relationship

When it comes to tabloid gossip, most celebrities choose dignified silence. This is usually a wise strategy, as sometimes even commenting “no comment” can send tongues a-wagging. But, when an ET Online “eyewitness” spotted Olivia Munn on a “romantic” dinner date with Chris Pratt in 2018, the “New Girl” actor went above and beyond to refute the rumors. In a series of Instagram stories, Munn flat out denied dating Pratt, hilariously pointing out in a tweet that their celebrity name would be “horrible: Crolivia, Prunn, Chrisivia, Olipratt” (via Mashable).

Curiously, she even included a screengrab of a message she had sent to Anna Faris, from whom Pratt had split the previous December. “I’m sure you already know it’s not true, or maybe didn’t care either way, but I just wanted to reach out personally to tell you it’s not true,” she texted. 

Faris responded in kind, adding that she would be “thrilled” to have Munn as a “sister-in-law” — perhaps making the real story that Faris doesn’t seem to know how in-laws work.


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