The Truth About Laura Prepon’s History With Scientology

In an August exclusive with People, Laura Prepon revealed she’s parted ways with the organization she once doggedly defended. “I’m no longer practicing Scientology … I haven’t practiced Scientology in close to five years and it’s no longer part of my life,” she said.

Prepon further explained that throughout her life, she’s been open to a myriad of faiths including Judaism and Catholicism. Currently, Prepon said she and her husband, actor Ben Foster, have incorporated self-care into routines through mediating. “We meditate daily and I’m really liking it,” she said, “because it’s something that helps me to hear my own voice and it’s something we can do together.”

Though the actor avoided making any direct comments about Scientology, she did say, “Life is slowly starting to have some semblance of normalcy again,” perhaps alluding to some of scientology’s destructive practices, including separating families, as reported in Bustle.

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