The Truth About Melissa Gorga And Teresa Giudice’s Friendship

Fans of the early days of “Jersey” will remember the constant fighting between Melissa and Teresa over countless things. In one season, Teresa was allegedly involved in a plot to paint Melissa as a stripper. After multiple physical fights between their husbands, things started to thaw out between the two of them when Joe Giudice went to prison on tax fraud charges. However, during the most recent season, tension boiled over again when fights erupted between co-stars. Teresa shared a rumor that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband was cheating on her and was later upset that her brother and sister-in-law didn’t back her up. According to Entertainment Tonight, Melissa was so fed up that she threw a cheese plate during the showdown. Essentially, she called out a double standard when it comes to her sister-in-law: she expects loyalty but doesn’t return it.

“It’s that situation where, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” she told the outlet. “Joe Giudice and Joe, obviously those guys have never really gotten along from way before I was in the picture, and it’s like, look, Joe is in whatever he is, and they still are. It’s just not a good mix. I don’t know.”

Today, they’re used to the ups and downs. Knowing how to push each other’s buttons but keeping the peace for their family, the two have settled down over the years. But, we still have another season of “RHONJ” coming out later this year so only time will tell how long the thaw lasts this time.

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