The Truth About Monica Lewinsky’s Dating Life

If you’ve never Googled someone before going on a date with them, then please let us know how the ’90s are going. Even if you’re not going full-on detective, most of us will do at least a quick social media sweep of a potential partner before meeting up. But, if you’re Monica Lewinsky, chances are that any would-be suitor already knows way too much about your history as it is. The intimate details of Lewinsky’s affair with then-president Bill Clinton made headlines all over the world, with many depictions of her being less than flattering.

It’s no surprise, then, that Lewinsky takes a cautious approach to romance. In a 2014 Vanity Fair essay, she admitted to being wary of any potential partners’ intentions: “I’ve become adept at figuring out when men are interested in me for the wrong reason. Thankfully, those have been few and far between.” 

In a September 2021 interview with People, meanwhile, Lewinsky revealed that she is still unmarried, adding, “I don’t know if that will happen or not, and I’m more okay with that than I used to be.”


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