The UK’s New Monopoly-Themed Restaurant Is Turning Heads

The Handbook reports The Top Hat dining experience is far less kitschy than you may expect. Despite the restaurant’s Monopoly-inspired theme, the décor is reasonably subtle. For example, images of top hats are expertly worked into the custom wallpaper design. On the other hand, fans who can’t get enough of the game can request a deck of Monopoly Deal, a card-based version of the board game that’s easy to play at the table. The deck includes a “Take a Chance” card that encourages the cardholder to leave their next drink order to the bartender’s whim.

And if that’s not enough Monopoly for one sitting, The Top Hat is located in the same building as Monopoly Lifesized, an immersive game experience based on the board game, according to Evening Standard. Each game lasts about 75 minutes during which players pass through a series of property squares represented by rooms with designated tasks designed to present physical and intellectual challenges. To offset monopoly monotony, there are three versions of the game — Classic, The Vault, and City — in addition to a junior board.

Parker Brothers debuted Monopoly in 1935, according to Food & Wine. The original version featured street names and landmarks from Atlantic City, New Jersey. A subsequent version introduced shortly thereafter swapped London places for Atlantic City locations, giving this new restaurant its inspiration.

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