The Ultimate Guide To Working At A Part-Time Job In Chennai


Chennai is famously known as the biggest economic center in the south of India. It has a wide industrial base covering various sectors like technology, healthcare, automobile, hardware manufacturing, and computers.

Due to the modernized and flexible structure of start-ups and I.T companies, there is a feasibility of spotting exciting part-time jobs in Chennai. Providing the convenience of working online, these part-time jobs are a great choice to earn while using your knowledge. You can easily choose these part-time jobs to start your career. 

There are various types of part-time job options like online teaching, web-designing, social media marketing, etc. Some of these are a perfect choice for stay-at-home mothers, students, and anyone who wants to earn some extra income. Like any other job, these part-time jobs have their unique benefits and challenges. If you are planning to start a part-time job here is a list of the most common options you can consider:

  • Online Teaching
  • Translators
  • Web Development
  • Online Recruiter
  • Transcription

Online Teaching

Online teaching is both a comfortable and satisfying part-time job. In recent years virtual learning platforms are popping up everywhere. They offer courses and classes for every subject at all levels. Online teaching options are available for elementary as well as for higher grades. These home jobs in Chennai are great means of starting a successful career with ease. While many teaching jobs require teaching experience, becoming an online tutor does not necessarily need it. It is quite convenient to start this job by creating your own courses and classes to sell them. The basic qualification to start an online teaching job is a specific degree in a subject with certain qualifications. 


Many companies offer part-time jobs for translators which includes working on content  translation. It may involve translating official documents, discussions, articles, and sometimes even conference calls. This online part-time job is the perfect option for people with knowledge of international and native languages. The requirement for this type of job is usually writing and speaking proficiency in multiple languages.


Many small businesses and companies nowadays use websites for approaching customers for online businesses. The development and maintenance of websites is a great part-time job that is offered by various freelancing platforms. Most of these jobs require knowledge of programming and skills to design websites.

Online Recruiting

Online recruiting is also one of the part-time job options available to start a career in the recruitment field. Companies located at different geographical locations, prefer to hire an online recruiter that could perform various tasks like screening and interviewing candidates, managing payroll, processing employee data, or working with a B2B customer relationship management. These jobs require soft skills and basic tech knowledge of various recruiting and payroll management software.


This online work involves creating documents and records from audio files. This type of online job typically involves documentation of business meetings, workshops, conference calls, or podcasts. The employer usually provides the software and content management system needed for the work. For this type of job, detail-oriented people with good typing skills are preferred.


Although there can be different types of part-time jobs like data entry, web designing, academic counseling, content writing, social media marketing, etc., all of these usually require almost the same basic organizational skills and specified degrees.


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