The Untold Truth Of Dana Perino

Post-White House, Dana Perino was unsure of her next career move. “I knew I wanted to continue to have a voice in the debate,” she told Cosmopolitan. Thanks to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, Perino was able to do exactly what she wanted. After having a conversation with Perino in Washington, D.C., Hannity suggested that the channel hire her, per Business Insider.

Initially, there was pushback from network executives, as they already had a “Bush Republican” in Karl Rove, but Hannity argued on Perino’s behalf, saying, “No, she’s different — let me give it a shot.” After appearing on his show several times as a guest, she was offered a permanent job as a contributor at Fox News in 2009. Two years later, a slot in the programming was vacant due to Glenn Beck’s departure. “The Five” was created as a temporary placeholder, but did so well with viewers that it’s been on air ever since, and Perino has been a co-host since its inception. She’s also gone on to host two of her own shows on the channel, “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” and “America’s Newsroom,” which she co-anchors with Bill Hemmer.

“What’s interesting is if you look at all the things that I’ve done,” Perino mused to Business Insider, “what I do today on a daily basis is the culmination of everything I’ve ever wanted to do.”


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