The Untold Truth Of Denise Richards

In March 2021, Denise Richards told Hollywood Life that co-parenting their two daughters, Sam and Lola, with their dad, Charlie Sheen, was “getting along well.” Meanwhile, her daughter Eloise, whom Richards adopted as an infant, “has a neurological condition” and so is “nonverbal,” The Washington Post notes. However, the young girl still manages to say some words, and some are quite endearing, like the moment when she referred to Aaron Phypers after he adopted her as “Dad,” reports Access Hollywood.

Not only has Richards been raising her own children, but in 2013, she was also granted temporary custody of Sheen’s sons, per People. This situation happened after the boys’ mom, Brooke Mueller, lost the twins when Los Angeles’ Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) took them away due to her “erratic behavior.” The arrangement lasted a few months until Richards gave up caregiving for the four-year-olds given the twins’ capacity to display “extreme violent mood swings,” as described in the actor’s letter to DCFS (via Radar).

Richards explained to Extra how she approaches mentoring her own kids. She said, “I teach my daughters whatever it is they believe in, to believe in it and not be swayed by peer pressure or what others might think of them, and to stand strong in that, and it’s okay if there are differences. That’s what’s really great about our world, even though someone might have a different opinion, you still need to respect their opinion, respect who they are.” 


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