The Untold Truth Of Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff isn’t shy when it comes to bragging about his wife and her achievements. As NPR noted, Dr. Alisha Kramer is an Emory Healthcare OB-GYN resident, who has often joined her husband to speak about public health. The pair met in high school, per The Forward, and both attended Georgetown University. They dated for 12 years before Ossoff eventually popped the question. And in one Facebook Live, he described her as “my favorite person in the whole world, my best friend, my wife, the amazing Dr. Alisha Kramer, OB/GYN, who is my hero and my role model and my guide.”

Kramer’s career has been a priority for the couple on several occasions, since they decided not to live in Atlanta’s Sixth District, where Ossoff was running for office in 2017, so that she could easily walk to medical school. “I’m proud to be supporting her career,” the politician told The Hill in response to criticism, adding that he had been “very transparent” about where he lived.

On the night that Ossoff was elected in January 2020, Kramer couldn’t appear by his side because she was too busy at her hospital. As Patricia Murphy reported on Twitter, the politician was anxiously watching the results with his campaign team, since Kramer was “working an overnight shift,” meaning that she would have to find out the news in between patients.


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