The Untold Truth Of Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin’s sense of humor came in handy when he met Jazz Charton at a New York City bar in 2011. She wasn’t alone, so Culkin waited until the guy Charton was with went to the restroom. “I asked if he was her boyfriend, and when she said no, I asked if I could be her boyfriend. We’ve been together ever since,” the actor said to iNews.

Prior to the pair’s meet-cute, Culkin previously dated actors, including Emma Stone and Anna Paquin. Nevertheless, he and Jazz Charton were meant to be, and they married in 2013. Culkin told iNews, “When someone is as beautiful as my wife, you just want to be close to that.” Awww.

The couple never made actual plans to be parents, but they ended up welcoming their first child, daughter Kinsey Sioux, in September 2019, and Charton was pregnant again in 2021 while the family accompanied Culkin to Italy for “Succession.” Though the “escapades” of fatherhood run him ragged, Culkin explained on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast that nothing else has ever been more rewarding. “I don’t sleep. But, when I wake up exhausted, I just think of my daughter’s face. … I know it sounds corny, whatever,” he explained, adding, “She is the meaning of everything. So, when I go up to that apartment, she sees me and she just gets this big smile … and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.”


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