The Walking Dead Season 11: Pamela Milton will play one of the most important roles

In “The Walking Dead” season 11 Laila Robins, better known as Katarina Rostova from “The Blacklist“, becomes one of the most important characters. We’ll tell you more.

AMC released a new batch of photos for the eleventh season of “The Walking Dead”. One picture, in particular, stands out: We see Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton for the first time. And she doesn’t look like ” The Walking Dead ” with her chic blazer and pearl jewelry.

Milton, played by Laila Robins (” The Blacklist “), will play one of the main roles in the final episodes. As the leader of the Commonwealth that is still holding Eugene, Yumiko, Princess and Ezekiel prisoner, she has tons of power. You will find out in season 11 whether she uses this for good.

As the next villain, she would definitely represent a strong contrast to the past opponent of Daryl and Co. Alpha didn’t think much of pearls. However, we already know from the comics how the story of Pamela Milton could go. If you are not afraid of spoilers, you can learn more about the Commonwealth and leader Pamela Milton from us.

The Walking Dead Season 11: This is what the big series finale looks like

Season 11 ends “The Walking Dead”. We have the pictures for the big series finale. We can also take a look at the Commonwealth accountant Lance Hornsby, as well as our old acquaintances, whom the fight against the Reaper takes with them.


We’ll find out more on August 23, when the final season starts exclusively on Disney +. Until then you can pass the time with our “The Walking Dead” spoilers.

“The Walking Dead” Season 11 will air exclusively on Disney +. You can find out when the new episodes will be broadcast in Germany from us.

Season 11 will be Released on Disney+ Only?

The pay TV channel Fox will only be seen until September 30, 2021. Disney is stomping on the Sky broadcaster to bolster the Disney brand. It is finally clear how things will go on with the draft horse ” The Walking Dead “: The series moves to Disney + Star.

The final season of TWD starts on August 22nd on the US broadcaster AMC. The Germany launch will take place on August 23, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. at Disney +. Traditionally, the latest TWD episode was shown the day after it was broadcast in the US on German pay-TV broadcaster Fox and on Sky Ticket.

Now you’re watching the latest episode on Disney + every week, even earlier than it would have been on Sky. There the broadcast always took place at 9:00 p.m. If you want to take a look at the final episodes right now, check out the recently released TWD Season 11 trailer.

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