The Walking Dead Season 11 part 1 ending explained

VIEWERS of The Walking Dead have been left in painful suspense after Season 11 Part 1 came to an end on an agonising cliffhanger.

The final series of the hit zombie show has been split into three parts.


The Walking Dead has aired the first part of its’ final season

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

What happened in the season 11 part 1 finale of The Walking Dead?

The eighth episode of the final series follows an attack on the Reaper compound.

The show wasn’t pulling any punches and quickly killed off minor villain Pope, leaving Leah as the leader of the Reapers.

Although Leah appears to be safe, if alienated from many of her longtime friends, the same can’t be said for a number of other main characters.

The episode ends with Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel and Negan trying to escape from a number of zombies who, amidst the chaos, have also broken into the Reaper compound.

If that wasn’t enough, they’re also trying to escape the hwacha (a type of rocket launcher) fired by Leah and her gang of reapers.

However, fans were reassured that their favourites will be returning after the Season 11 Part 2 promo – which seemingly confirms the survival of Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel and Negan and their safe return to the homestead.

Will there be another season of The Walking Dead?

Season 11 will be the final season of The Walking Dead, meaning that the show is expected come to an end sometime in 2022 or early 2023 after more than ten years on the air.

Although it’s not yet totally clear when the series finale will air, fans do have a date for the second part of series 11.

The Walking Dead series 11 has been split into three parts


The Walking Dead series 11 has been split into three parts

In a new promo, Fox revealed that viewers can next catch up with the gang from February 20, 2022.

Who are the cast of The Walking Dead?

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, has starred on the show since its’ very first series back in 2010.

Norman, who is the show’s longest running cast member, is joined by Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier, and Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene.

Seth Gilliam will also be returning as Gabriel.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, is also a prominent part of the newest series, despite only joining the show as a regular for season 7.

Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos are also starring in the final instalment of the show, after joining The Walking Dead in series four.

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