The Wanted star Tom Parker hopes to be ‘cancer free’ by next year

The Wanted star Tom Parker says he hopes to be ‘cancer free’ by March and is thinking about having another baby.

Tom, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last October, has undergone six intense rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

And he says he hopes to be cancer free in five months time.

In an interview with The Sun Tom said: “You’ll always be classed as terminal.

“They give you 12 to 18 months of survival. But that’s the general statistics. Everyone we’ve ­spoken to has been way, way beyond that.

“Now, we’re aiming to be cancer free by March. That’s the aim.

Tom Parker appeared on the show with his wife Kelsey

“This disease is always there. You might have residual cells but just not active.

So, we’ll just carry on, just crack on and see where we get to.”

Tom, whose tumour has shrunk in recent months, has a new documentary Tom Parker: Inside My Head on Channel 4 this weekend.

He hopes it will raise awareness about grade four glioblastoma.

He also appeared on This Morning with his wife Kelsey and spoke of his intense treatment as well as plans to add to his family.

The singer who already has two children – one year old Bodhi and two year old Aurelia Rose -spoke of his last year of treatment saying: “It’s been severe. Chemo has been tough, radio has been the hardest part.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this five months ago. I feel a lot more confident and in control of my emotions. I would have been a crying mess.

“I’m feeling very positive. I’m thinking of having another baby.”


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