The Young and the Restless (YR): Will Victoria Go Through With the Wedding

Victoria Newman’s walked down the aisle many times on The Young and the Restless and she’s headed there again with groom Ashland Locke. Or is she? Each day, the bride-to-be is presented with more reasons not to go through with her marriage.

Will Victoria Be a Young and the Restless Bride?

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is set to tie the knot but she keeps learning new information about her groom, Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) — like his real name. Will she go through with the wedding? Soap Hub posed this question to fans. Read on for the results!

Last Minute Details

Many of you, 36%, feel that Victoria will call things off at a tried and true time — at the altar. Right now, she’s wrapped in her brother Nicholas’s (Joshua Morrow) betrayal since he stuck his nose into Ashland’s origins. In time, Victoria will realize she can’t marry someone who has not been honest with her. She may not be crazy about becoming Mrs. Victoria DeFranco.

Stay Tuned

Some of you, about 25%, say that it’ll be touch and go down to the last minute. You can see Victoria going through with her marriage to Ashland — or not. One thing she may want to do is make sure it’s all legal now that Ashland reveals he spent the first part of his life with a different name.

I Do, I Do on The Young and the Restless

A solid amount of you, 20%, say that of course, Victoria will go through with her vows! She doesn’t care what Ashland’s real name is. She just knows she loves him. There’s no telling how much time Ashland has on this earth given his medical condition. Victoria is going to make every moment count as she legally becomes Ashland’s wife.

I Can’t, I Can’t

The rest of you, almost 19%, believe that Victoria will call the whole thing off before they get to the altar. She’ll calm down and vent her frustrations towards the people around her, get a little introspective, and realize that she needs to put a pin in her plans. This doesn’t mean she’s going to end her relationship with Ashland, but she does need to rethink her future.

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