‘There Are Some Things We Could Do’ – Revealed Joaquin Phoenix on Joker Sequel

Joaquin Phoenix, the man who brought the most brilliant yet terrifying version of Batman’s arch-enemy Joker to life in 2019, has recently opened up about a possible sequel.

While talking to The Playlist, the 46-year-old star revealed he is open to portraying the infamous DC villain once again, especially after the overwhelming reception the film had.

According to Phoenix, who plays a young Arthur Fleck in “Joker,” he sees a lot of potential in the character, adding that they realized this once they were actually shooting the movie.

The actor described Fleck as “an interesting guy” and said “there are some things” they could do with him, perhaps explore his character even further.

Fleck goes through several moments where he attempts to take control of his life by using quite brutal means.

When asked if there will be a second film, Phoenix immediately claimed he doesn’t know, but the fact that he is open to making a return as Gotham’s Prince of Crime could be enough to start the necessary talks.

Phoenix has expressed interest in working with Todd Phillips again, not just specifically related to the Joker, but if the opportunity does show up, he will be available to portray Fleck once more.

Not only that but, as aforementioned, the film was an incredible success considering that it is not the typical superhero film, rather a more dramatic look at the Joker’s origins.

The film, directed by Phillips, brought in over $1 billion, drawing crowds all over the world and driving the critics to rate it as one of the best movies in 2019.

“Joker” takes the viewer through Fleck’s life and is heavily influenced by the mental health issues that the character faces, such as anxiety and depression, as well as the loneliness he feels.

While mental illness is not necessarily connected to violence, Fleck goes through several moments where he attempts to take control of his life by using quite brutal means.

From killing three drunk businessmen who attacked him on the subway and dropping a firearm in a room full of sick children, to killing his own mother and a talk show host on live television, Fleck does it all.

It is a shocking film, but it is also meant to be a deep dive into the struggles of those who know what it feels like to be the “other guy,” and who are invisible in the crowd of Gotham. Phoenix perfectly captures that essence.


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