There’s a really gross reason you shouldn’t leave your acrylic nails on for longer than five weeks

EXPOSING the effects of leaving your acrylic nails on for too long,one nail technician has left viewers horrified and grossed out.

Those who get their acrylic nails done understand the importance of upkeep for beauty reasons, however, the expense of constantly going to the salon means some of us to leave them a little longer.


A nail technician has shown why to never leave your nails past five weeksCredit: Instagram/hilarydawnherrera
She explained what makes the nails sore.


She explained what makes the nails sore.Credit: Instagram/hilarydawnherrera

Hilary Herrera took to Instagram to share why leaving your acrylic nails on after five weeks can cause damage to your natural nails if not removed or redone in a salon.

Ideally nails should be done every two to three weeks but with the average price of £30 means that many people try and stretch out the time of getting them redone.

As posted by Tyla leaving your nails on for this amount of time can cause fungal infections to grow.

As the acrylic nail lifts, gaps will be created between the acrylic and the natural nail,this allows moisture to collect and bacteria to grow.

Hilary shares videos on her Instagram platform, which has over 77K followers and educates them on keeping their nails healthy, regarding natural and acrylic nails.

The video, that has over three and a half thousand views, shows Hilary, who left her own acrylic nails on for five weeks talk about the impact this has on her natural nails.

In the video she posts: “My nail is so sore. Wonder why?” and goes on to say “Waited five weeks, look at that growth.”

Pressing down on her nail she add: “With pressure watch where it turns white, no support. Watch back here by the matrix (where your nail grows from).”

The pulsing of the matrix has left viewers horrified and the post has racked up over 100 comments.

“Omg I never new NAIL SORE was an actual thing! Makes so much sense that my nails always broke off after I sensed some pain in my nails when they were long ” commented one person.

“I  need share this to my clients. Thank y for the great information” said another.

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Seeing this has grossed viewers out


Seeing this has grossed viewers outCredit: Instagram/hilarydawnherrera


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