There’s an ‘AHS’ Theory That Ursula Sent Harry to Provincetown

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for those who aren’t caught up with AHS: Double Feature.

Things are looking up for Harry on American Horror Story: Double Feature. After he takes the elusive black pill, unofficially named Muse, his creativity is off the charts. But now there’s a theory that his agent, Ursula, fabricated an Instagram design contest to get his very pregnant wife, Doris, to Provincetown, Mass.

If it wasn’t enough that Doris and Harry’s daughter, Alma, is now a bloodsucker herself, they might have to deal with a wolf in sheep’s clothing in their own inner circle. But how accurate is this theory? And what does it mean for Doris and Harry if they remain in the sleepy seaside town?

If the theory proves true, then there’s really no one to help them.

According to an ‘AHS’ theory, Ursula sent Harry and his family to Provincetown.

The whole reason Harry and Doris took their family to Provincetown was because of an interior design contest on Instagram that Doris won. But we know from their daughter that Doris may not have as much natural talent as the rest of the fam.

The theory, posted on Twitter, says that Ursula actually arranged a fake contest in order to get Harry and his family to Provincetown.

If the theory is right, then it means Ursula likely knows about the black pill and its benefits for creative types like Harry. And it also means she could have a deal with Belle Noir.

Remember that scene where TB Karen hands over a bag with a baby in it to Belle in exchange for drugs? Doris’s own baby could be part of a deal Ursula made to ensure Harry gets his creativity back, which would, in turn, earn her millions of dollars too.

In episode 2 of AHS: Double Feature, every time Harry or Doris talk about leaving Provincetown, someone just happens to contact them to change their minds. If it isn’t Austin calling Harry to invite him over and give him his first black pill, then it’s Ursula calling to tell him that Netflix offered him a major deal.

If Ursula is responsible for a faux design contest, then it’s possible that the house Harry, Doris, and Alma are staying in is bugged. That way, Ursula could keep tabs on them.

And it would also give Austin and Belle the ability to know what’s going on and get ahead of time themselves. It’s a wild theory, but AHS: Double Feature is also pretty out there as it is.

Belle Noir might have plans for Doris and Harry’s baby.

Although viewers don’t see what happens after TB Karen hands over a kidnapped baby to Belle, it’s assumed that Belle feeds off the baby. Since the baby likely has the most *pure* blood available of any other human, it might be like a delicacy for Belle.

Because Harry has writers’ block and a pregnant wife, it makes sense for Ursula and even Belle to lure him into staying in Provincetown for more pills until the birth of his baby, whom he would then hand over.

Would Harry really give his baby to Belle, though? If he runs out of black pills, he might feel compelled to trade his new baby for a lifetime supply of the drug. Unfortunately, that puts Doris right in the middle of his mess. And right now, the mess is only getting worse.

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