These are the key items you need to buy in Primark right now and shoppers are hailing them as the best Zara dupes ever

WE ALL love a good trip to Primark.

Bargain clothes, gorgeous bags and cheap shoes – how could you not love it?!


TikTok users have advised people to run to Primark immediatelyCredit: TikTok/@lorellapalmer/

Well, wait until you see the new Autumn/Winter collection that’s out now.

One woman shared Primark’s new-in finds to her TikTok account ‘lorellapalmer’.

Lorella Palmer posted the video with the caption ‘Primark really do be POPPING omg!!! Follow for a haul! This is going to be huge!’

The video shows the new-in clothing, at the Primark in Bexleyheath, Kent.

The clothing ranges from comfy loungewear to smart clothing that your work colleagues would be seriously jealous of.

There are lots of beige and brown tones that are super on-trend at the moment.

Whether you’re after stunning dresses and skirts, boots and cosy cardigans that are perfect for Autumn or comfy coats and jumpers to keep warm now it’s getting colder, Primark has it all.

It even has a range of smart tailored suits that look just like those found in Zara, but for a fraction of the price.

Lorella said: “Girls you need to RUN to Primark.

“I bought so much.

“Someone say Zara dupes?”

Clearly Primark’s new Autumn collection has impressed numerous people as the video has racked up over 436.9k views.

It has 27.2k likes, 530 comments and 767 shares.

One person said: “So happy I got there before anyone clocked the nice stuff.”

Another added: “I bought that beige top dress from that first shot. I love Primark!”

A third commented: “Nooo my bank cannot handle.”


However, many were quick to comment that they often struggle to find items posted to TikTok in their local Primark stores.

One person commented: “Anyone else’s Primark not sell these or just mine?”

Another said: “My Primark has nothing.”

A third added: “I think my Primark is broken.”

So if you want to get your hands on any of Primark’s gorgeous new-in products, we suggest you get down there quick!

The tailored suits are gorgeous and won't break the bank


The tailored suits are gorgeous and won’t break the bankCredit: TikTok/@lorellapalmer/

Meanwhile, Primark fans are going wild for £1.50 flavoured lip balms – but they can’t decide if Coco Pops, Twister or Pepsi is best.

Also, Primark fans are obsessed with its new £14 snuggle hoodie which is perfect for those chilly autumn nights.

Primark is selling their own wearable fleece blankets for winter, including a Minnie Mouse one and shoppers can’t wait to snap them up


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